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Biochemistry is a broad area of chemistry covering the chemical processes involved in life itself. When the body is studied in fine detail, it becomes clear that it is controlled by a complex set of chemical reactions. Biochemists look at how the molecules which make up the structure of cells interact with each other, and with smaller molecules and ions, to power the basic processes vital for life such as metabolism.

Recent advances in biochemistry have led to the sequencing of the human genome and vast improvements in medical care, making it one of the most exciting areas of modern science - even though the actual function of most of these genes remains a mystery.

Articles about biochemistry

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The origins of life – where and how did life begin?
Delve deeper into origin of life

The search for alien life catches many people's imagination and has always been a very public branch of science. So with all this investigation, why has our search revealed nothing? Are we truly alone in the Universe?
Delve deeper into extraterrestrial life

There are many open questions surrounding vaccines – but perhaps not the first questions that come to mind. Vaccines do not cause autism, but there are many things we don’t know about them, such as why some wear off.
Delve deeper into vaccines

Our immune systems are vital for our survival as they protect us from bacterial, viruses and other pathogens that could cause us harm. But sometimes, they can go wrong, and cause damage to our bodies.
Delve deeper into immune system

There are many unknowns when it comes to pregnancy, and many accepted phenomena are still unexplained, or simply attributed to "hormones" or "the placenta" (a complex and poorly understood organ!)
Delve deeper into pregnancy

The ecosystem in your gut – how the microbiome might affect what we eat, what illnesses we get and whether we gain weight easily. How to change your microbiome and why it's such a fuzzy business.
Delve deeper into microbiome

Our senses allow us to explore and interact with the world around us. Even the simplest living organisms have some way to sense their environment - and some animals can sense in ways we can't even imagine!
Delve deeper into senses
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What happens to plastic when it gets disposed of into the environment, and how might it affect us?
Delve deeper into plastics

There’s a lot of chemistry going on in whisky. Despite tight regulations on food hygiene, processing and labelling, we still don’t know much about the chemistry of whisky – nor how they may affect us.
Delve deeper into whisky

Chemists are exploring ways to mimic nature’s selective, low-temperature biochemical reactions that make delicate and reactive structures. Previously, chemists had copied high temperature geological reactions.
Delve deeper into ambient chemistry

Proteins are nature's robots, essential for growth, repair and catalysis, undergoing mysterious folding and holding the answers to evolution and the development of multiple diseases.
Delve deeper into proteins

In 1953, thalidomide was prescribed for morning sickness, but then over 10,000 babies were born with deformities.
Delve deeper into thalidomide

Blog posts about biochemistry

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Science blog article.
Monday 20th of April 2020
Science blog article.
The Thalidomide Scandal (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #10)
Saturday 4th of January 2020
Science blog article.
Alcohol and Caffeine (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #9)
Friday 27th of December 2019
Science blog article.
Lifetime of a Plastic Bag
Wednesday 19th of June 2019
Science blog article.
Carbon-Based Hydrogen Bonding
Monday 18th of March 2019
Science blog article.
What causes hangovers?
Thursday 17th of March 2016
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