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Evolutionary Psychology

Human brains have evolved to help us survive in the world, just as our bodies have. By understanding the pressures on us during the course of our evolution, and the behaviours that would have conferred advantages to our ancestors, evolutionary psychologists hope to better understand the workings of our brains.

Articles about evolutionary psychology

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Disgust is a powerful emotion that has links with morality in ways we don't understand
Delve deeper into disgust

Emotions are a vital part of society, but there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding them – from what they are for to whether it will be possible, or desirable, to create AI that experiences them.
Delve deeper into emotions

Our senses allow us to explore and interact with the world around us. Even the simplest living organisms have some way to sense their environment - and some animals can sense in ways we can't even imagine!
Delve deeper into senses
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Going without sleep will kill you faster than going without food. But why?
Delve deeper into sleep

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