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Comparative Psychology

Comparative psychology looks how animals and humans differ in the way they behave and react to the world. This can lead to some very surprising results - many animals are much smarter than you might think! Animals have evolved to navigate the world effectively, and to do this, different skills and areas of intelligence are important, depending on where and how you live. Animals that live in large social groups, for example, tend to have good memories, and be able to solve complicated problems, as these skills are needed to keep track of who is who, and who you should watch out for! Other animals, such as Corvids (birds in the same family as Crows and Jays) have evolved to be highly intelligent in order to gain food, and hide it from rivals.

Articles about comparative psychology

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Language is a vital part of being human, and some argue it is what sets us apart from other animals. But plenty of mysteries remain.
Delve deeper into language

We see birds around us every day, so you might think we know all there is to know about our feathered friends – but that is far from the case!
Delve deeper into birds

Sharks are one of our most poorly understood animals, hard to study, dangerous and diverse, impacting the ecosystem and sometimes our daily lives.
Delve deeper into sharks
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