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Astrochemistry is the study of the chemical make-up of the universe, and the reactions and interactions that take place in stars and other astronomical bodies. Astrochemists use telescopes to gather and decode data such as the emission spectra of distant stars to delve deeper into the many Things We Don’t Know about these bodies. They also make use of the information that is constantly coming in from space probes like Voyager, that have been sent out to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

Articles about astrochemistry

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On scales too small to see are weird and wonderful particles. Their bizarre properties make up the world around us, yet we hardly know a thing about them!
Delve deeper into particles

Water is vital for our survival, but how much do we really know about it?
Delve deeper into water

The search for alien life catches many people's imagination and has always been a very public branch of science. So with all this investigation, why has our search revealed nothing? Are we truly alone in the Universe?
Delve deeper into extraterrestrial life

We don’t know what causes lightning, how much of it there is, nor how to predict it. As global temperatures increase, so does lightning; as lightning increases, so do global temperatures. Its impact on atmospheric chemistry is still being explored.
Delve deeper into lightning

Blog posts about astrochemistry

Our blog posts are often written by scientists about their ongoing research

Science blog article.
The methane mystery
Thursday 5th of August 2021
Science blog article.
Is phosphine a biomarker for life on Venus?
Tuesday 6th of October 2020
Science blog article.
Comet Chemistry
Tuesday 11th of November 2014
Science blog article.
The six-tailed comet, and other mysteries
Thursday 16th of January 2014
Science blog article.
What is Homochirality?
Friday 25th of January 2013

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