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Zoology, or Animal Biology, is a very diverse field involving the study of organisms as a whole, and how they interact to create the ecosystems that are visible (and invisible) in the environment around us. Zoology encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from animal behaviour to their genetics, with conservation and paleobiology playing equally important roles. Research into these areas includes building robotic jellyfish and deciphering the communication of insects!

Articles about zoology

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Despite its amazing ability to explain how species change and diverge there are some areas of evolution that scientists are still working to understand.
Delve deeper into evolution

We see birds around us every day, so you might think we know all there is to know about our feathered friends – but that is far from the case!
Delve deeper into birds

Whales; the majestic, mysterious mammals of the ocean.
Delve deeper into whales

Sharks are one of our most poorly understood animals, hard to study, dangerous and diverse, impacting the ecosystem and sometimes our daily lives.
Delve deeper into sharks
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Animals certainly communicate – some using sounds, and others using body language, pheromones or even electricity. But does any of this actually constitute language?
Delve deeper into animal communication

Going without sleep will kill you faster than going without food. But why?
Delve deeper into sleep

Chameleons hold a fascinating blend of traits that scientists have been studying for many years.
Delve deeper into chameleons

If a keystone species is lost, the entire ecosystem can collapse.
Delve deeper into keystone species

Ebola is one of the most contagious and dangerous diseases, but between outbreaks the disease must be hiding somewhere. Some suspect bats, but is this really true?
Delve deeper into bats and ebola

There’s still a whole herd of things we don’t know about bovine TB, its nature, spread and the effects of badger culling: could culling reduce it - or make it worse?
Delve deeper into bovine tb

The disease COVID-19, caused coronavirus, was thought to originate from a seafood market in China, and be 10,000 years old... but it may come from elsewhere and be millions of years older.
Delve deeper into coronavirus

Blog posts about zoology

Our blog posts are often written by scientists about their ongoing research

Science blog article.
Squid Lady Parts
Thursday 31st of July 2014
Science blog article.
Mass Extinction
Saturday 9th of February 2013
Science blog article.
Why do we yawn?
Sunday 18th of November 2012
Science blog article.
Open Questions in Embryo Development
Wednesday 17th of October 2012
Science blog article.
How many species are there?
Sunday 19th of August 2012

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