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Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Anthropology is the study of humans, whether alive today or thousands of years ago.

Sociocultural anthropology

Sociocultural anthropologists aim to understand mankind by studying their organizational systems, beliefs and values, across diverse cultures. They do this by placing themselves within cultures to observe how different societies live. The similarities across different cultures, as well as their differences, can give insight into what traits are universal for people across the planet.

Biological anthropology

Biological anthropologists focus on the evolution of Homo sapiens, and how our species diversified to fit very different environments across the earth. They study other primates, fossil records and modern people to try to understand how we fit into the evolutionary tree of life.

Articles about anthropology

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The disease COVID-19, caused coronavirus, was thought to originate from a seafood market in China, and be 10,000 years old... but it may come from elsewhere and be millions of years older.
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Blog posts about anthropology

Our blog posts are often written by scientists about their ongoing research

Science blog article.
Co-sleeping: time to talk
Thursday 17th of March 2022
Science blog article.
Why don’t we know more about causation?
Saturday 20th of July 2013

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