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Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is what comes to mind when many people think of chemistry: The classic image of white coats, smelly liquids and Bunsen burners originates from organic chemists over the last two centuries trying to understand, analyse and synthesize organic molecules- that is to say, molecules based on a chain of carbon atoms which form the basis of all earthly life. The advances in organic chemistry have laid the foundations for the biochemistry revolution that has taken place over the last half century, and the speed of modern computers now means that old unanswered questions are being revisited and new ones are being discovered on a molecular level with the use of conformational analysis.

Articles about organic chemistry

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The origins of life – where and how did life begin?
Delve deeper into origin of life

There are many open questions surrounding vaccines – but perhaps not the first questions that come to mind. Vaccines do not cause autism, but there are many things we don’t know about them, such as why some wear off.
Delve deeper into vaccines

What happens to plastic when it gets disposed of into the environment, and how might it affect us?
Delve deeper into plastics

There’s a lot of chemistry going on in whisky. Despite tight regulations on food hygiene, processing and labelling, we still don’t know much about the chemistry of whisky – nor how they may affect us.
Delve deeper into whisky

Proteins are nature's robots, essential for growth, repair and catalysis, undergoing mysterious folding and holding the answers to evolution and the development of multiple diseases.
Delve deeper into proteins

In 1953, thalidomide was prescribed for morning sickness, but then over 10,000 babies were born with deformities.
Delve deeper into thalidomide

Blog posts about organic chemistry

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Science blog article.
Counterfeit brandy
Wednesday 10th of February 2021
Science blog article.
Wednesday 12th of February 2020
Science blog article.
When is a Strawberry No Longer a Strawberry?
Tuesday 9th of July 2019
Science blog article.
Carbon-Based Hydrogen Bonding
Monday 18th of March 2019

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