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Physical Chemistry

Chemical processes are translated into mathematical functions by physical chemists, who use the laws of physics to describe and analyse the chemical reactions in the lab and in the wider universe. The way that various changes impact the composition of chemical substances has been extensively analysed using mathematical models which are constantly being improved upon. The theoretical work of physical chemists has made recent advances in analytical chemistry possible, allowing chemists to delve deeper into the structure of molecules to find out what’s really going on on a never-seen-before level. Even more exotic and yet essential to the core of chemistry is the application of sophisticated quantum chemical models, in which particles are described by wavefunctions and are no longer governed by the laws of classical physics.

Articles about physical chemistry

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On scales too small to see are weird and wonderful particles. Their bizarre properties make up the world around us, yet we hardly know a thing about them!
Delve deeper into particles

Thermodynamics is very successful at describing the way energy interacts with itself and matter – but every now and then a paradox will pop up, or someone will spot an event which no one has an explanation for yet.
Delve deeper into thermodynamics

Water is vital for our survival, but how much do we really know about it?
Delve deeper into water

For subatomic particles, electrons are pretty well understood. But we still don’t know what they are, where they are, nor how they spin nor what spin is.
Delve deeper into electrons

Blog posts about physical chemistry

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Science blog article.
Carbon-Based Hydrogen Bonding
Monday 18th of March 2019
Science blog article.
The Case of the Jumping Carbons
Saturday 18th of June 2016
Science blog article.
The Energy of Atoms (other than Hydrogen)
Thursday 22nd of October 2015
Science blog article.
Location, Location, Location
Monday 21st of September 2015
Science blog article.
How big are atoms?
Friday 6th of February 2015
Science blog article.
Can we make room temperature superconductors?
Friday 24th of October 2014
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