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What has Juno found on Jupiter? Part I – Water and weather
17th November, 2021
Juno findings have revealed new answers and questions about Jupiter's unusual atmosphere, including some surprise findings about water!
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10th November, 2021
Mars. An alien landscape. But could it – does it – or has it ever supported life?
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Moving moss
7th November, 2021
In glacial landscapes across the world, small balls of moss form, oval in shape, and tumble simultaneously as the glaciers melt, moving in a herd.
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Plastic waste and the pandemic
5th October, 2021
Single-use plastic consumption has skyrocketed with the pandemic, and not everyone is disposing of plastics safely.
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Perinatal mental health
4th October, 2021
Pregnancy is a time of great vulnerability, so it may come as no surprise that mental health conditions are higher for women on average around pregnancy (including during and just after) than any other time.
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Snake acrobatics
23rd September, 2021
Invasive brown tree snakes make a lasso with their tails to help them climb up wide trees, and inspire engineers.
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