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Green ammonia
26th January, 2022
Green ammonia could reduce carbon emissions hugely by synthesising hydrogen via electrolysis or using biocatalysts or electrochemical alternative routes.
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The cannibal in the ocean
13th January, 2022
Orthacanthus is a prehistoric shark that ventured into freshwater territories and ate its own babies.
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29th December, 2021
Proteins are nature's robots, essential for growth, repair and catalysis, undergoing mysterious folding and holding the answers to evolution and the development of multiple diseases.
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Wielding (quantum) fields!
14th December, 2021
Mathematicians have solved a quantum field problem: Liouville fields! This involves summing an infinite number of fields using a Gaussian model to hel
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Foetal and maternal sleep
4th December, 2021
Pregnancy is associated with more and poorer sleep and some women have bizarre and vivid dreams.
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What has Juno found on Jupiter? Part II – It’s magnetic
3rd December, 2021
Juno findings have revealed new answers and questions about Jupiter's magnetosphere, from inside the planet to its exosphere.
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