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Is phosphine a biomarker for life on Venus?
6th October, 2020
50 km up in the atmosphere of planet Venus, scientists found phosphine - a possible biomarker.
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Walking with wolves
28th September, 2020
It’s hard to tell much about wolves from tracking, but you can learn something.
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Prescribed hallucinations
16th September, 2020
Proton pump inhibitors can cause hallucinations, but we don't know why.
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Zombies in nature
7th September, 2020
In nature, parasites that control the minds of hosts are common - but are these really zombies? Their hosts aren't dead, and genetics may do the same!
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Starting Again
27th August, 2020
What are sleep starts? How many people experience them? And why are they like sleep hiccups?
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The speed of time
13th August, 2020
In the fight of the theories - proportional, biological, perceptual - psychologists battle to understand time, and why it seems to change in length.
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