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Isolation and the Brain
3rd August, 2020
As social animals, we learn best and develop neural connections by interacting with others. So what happens when our brains are isolated – when we don't see or interact with other people for... months?
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30th July, 2020
Entropy or disorder, is a scientific measure of things spreading out, of uncertainty, or of the information required to describe something. Entropy always increases, so what impact does it have on our universe, our materials, and our concept of exist
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29th June, 2020
The disease COVID-19, caused coronavirus, was thought to originate from a seafood market in China, and be 10,000 years old... but it may come from elsewhere and be millions of years older.
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Baby Tastes (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #22)
26th June, 2020
Do your baby’s tastes depend on what you ate when they were in the womb? Can you taste train them to like healthy veg by eating lots of it?
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Coronavirus 101
21st June, 2020
Coronavirus is zoonotic: it came from animals and jumped into humans. But when, and from what animal? How old is the virus, and why are there huge discrepancies in the scientific findings?
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Superfetation (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #21)
14th June, 2020
Superfetation – the phenomenon of becoming pregnant whilst already pregnant – is reported in humans, hares, fish and other animals. But much of the evidence is dubious, and remains controversial. Because it’s rare, we don’t know any symptoms to look out for, and diagnosis is by elimination.
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