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The smallest astronauts ever
30th July, 2021
Are bacteria the smallest astronauts ever, able to survive the extremes of space?
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22nd July, 2021
Scientists are very interested in twins because it helps us identify the differences between genetic and environmental factors that influence health and behaviour.
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Stress inner ear
14th July, 2021
Whale earwax has been studied to unlock the chemical history of the oceans, now human earwax could diagnose mental health.
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Types of twins
29th June, 2021
Science has uncovered some unusual types of twinning… such as sesquizygotic, chimeric, or conjoined twins.
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Unusual pregnancies
7th June, 2021
From two wombs to signs of pregnancy without an actual pregnancy, reproduction can be weird, wonderful, and sometimes scary. So what are some of the weirdest pregnancies out there?
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Three Things I Don’t Know (Part II): ‘Flu
1st June, 2021
Why are colds and 'flus seasonal? Do they transmit better in cold weather, or is something else at play?
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