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The Thalidomide Scandal (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #10)
In 1953, thalidomide was prescribed for morning sickness, and over 10,000 babies were born with deformities. Scientists suspected that only the left-handed version of the drug was responsible, so was this a disaster that could have been avoided?
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Alcohol and Caffeine (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #9)
The hormetic effect suggests that small doses of alcohol may be good for us, but is this still true whilst pregnant? Alcohol can affect a developing foetus differently at different stages, and scientists are looking into the underlying mechanisms. Meanwhile, the effects of caffeine remain mysterious, as do the effects of herbal teas.
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Biodiversity on Ice
Glaciers are pockets for unusual lifeforms: extremophiles. As glaciers melt, habitats change, diversity is boosted but extremophiles endangered.
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Exercise (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #8)
The body changes during pregnancy, but exercising can ease symptoms, labour, and the baby blues. So what is the controversy about, and why does advice differ?
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Reproductive Immunology (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #7)
Pregnancy can make you feel unwell because a mother is immunosuppressed whilst she's carrying - but this is only one of several complex ways the immune system interacts with pregnancy, and one of many factors scientists want to know more about.
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Toxoplasmosis (Things We Don’t Know about Pregnancy Series #6)
Toxoplasmosis - the disease that makes you like cats - is asymptomatic in healthy adults, but can be devastating in unborn babies. But what are the risks of contracting it during pregnancy, and why do some women avoid eating their greens?
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