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The plant-eating shark
31st March, 2022
The bonnethead shark eats seagrass, and scientists think it may be omnivorous.
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Co-sleeping: time to talk
17th March, 2022
Co-sleeping has been demonised by SIDS networks because it correlates with unexplained deaths, but 50% do it, and neurological benefits are neglected.
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24th February, 2022
In 1953, thalidomide was prescribed for morning sickness, but then over 10,000 babies were born with deformities.
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Why do Narwhals have tusks?
18th February, 2022
Why do narwhals have tusks? Scientists think they may be sensors, sensing changes in pressure, salinity and water chemistry.
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Green ammonia
26th January, 2022
Green ammonia could reduce carbon emissions hugely by synthesising hydrogen via electrolysis or using biocatalysts or electrochemical alternative routes.
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The cannibal in the ocean
13th January, 2022
Orthacanthus is a prehistoric shark that ventured into freshwater territories and ate its own babies.
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