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What colour were the dinosaurs?
12th January, 2021
What colour were the dinosaurs, were they feathered, scaled, and did they have structural colour?
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6th January, 2021
At low concentrations toxins, drugs, radiation and other “stressors” may improve health rather than damage it. Scientists are looking into why.
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One Nobel Prize Later...
9th December, 2020
Buckminsterfullerenes were discovered by accident when Nobel prize winers were trying to solve how cyanopolyynes form in space... we still don't know.
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Cop That!
28th November, 2020
Copper's variable oxidation states and low coordination let it change the flavour of whisky, interfere with chemical syntheses, or even give us scurvy
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Ambient chemistry
25th November, 2020
Chemists are exploring ways to mimic nature’s selective, low-temperature biochemical reactions that make delicate and reactive structures. Previously, chemists had copied high temperature geological reactions.
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16th November, 2020
There’s a lot of chemistry going on in whisky. Despite tight regulations on food hygiene, processing and labelling, we still don’t know much about the chemistry of whisky – nor how they may affect us.
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