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25th February, 2021
The discovery of carbon nanotubes is indistinct, they were produced before their nano identity or properties were recognised.
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Listening to the Ocean
16th February, 2021
What has climate change done to oceans? And what do our oceans do for climate change?
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16th February, 2021
Can the toxoplasma gondii parasite change our personalities, behaviours and who we're attracted to?
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Counterfeit brandy
10th February, 2021
Brandy has a long history of tax dodging, but these days, chemists are exploring the compounds in it to try to detect counterfeit brandy!
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The sweet taste of unknown
25th January, 2021
Cynarin alone cannot explain the sweet taste of artichoke, and we don't know how miraculin works: taste modifiers continue to mystify us!
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What colour were the dinosaurs?
12th January, 2021
What colour were the dinosaurs, were they feathered, scaled, and did they have structural colour?
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