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Of quartz – A colourful problem
4th May, 2021
Where does colour come from? Neither pigments, metal impurities, nor structural colour have yet explained the rose tint of some quartz.
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Going with the flow
22nd April, 2021
Ice is often overlooked, and the sources of rivers remain mysterious - but both could help us understand climate change and biodiversity.
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Bovine TB
15th April, 2021
There’s still a whole herd of things we don’t know about bovine TB, its nature, spread and the effects of badger culling: could culling reduce it - or make it worse?
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A smart race
5th April, 2021
Nanorobot swarms are the stuff of sci-fi films, but smart dust is being developed now.
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23rd March, 2021
The idea of competition between bacteria and fungi was not started by Alexander Fleming - and it's still being studied: as antimicrobial resistance.
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Performing dogs and molecular roulette
10th March, 2021
How do we make chemicals? How can computer modelling help us with protein folding and what can we learn from the molecules of the past?
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