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Social Psychology

Humans are an intensely social animal, and as so, our behaviour is affected by the presence or absence of other people. Social Psychology aims to learn about this fact. They do this by looking at the conditions under which people act in a certain way, and how changing an aspect of these conditions can change their behaviour. The areas social psychologists are interested in range from conformity and obedience to attitudes and discrimination. While some social psychologists work in pure research, others work in organisations or businesses, applying their findings to making the business run smoothly.

Articles about social psychology

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A field at the cusp of scientific and philosophical thinking, but have we fully understood the outcomes of such a progressive movement.
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Disgust is a powerful emotion that has links with morality in ways we don't understand
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Emotions are a vital part of society, but there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding them – from what they are for to whether it will be possible, or desirable, to create AI that experiences them.
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Blog posts about social psychology

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Science blog article.
Isolation and the Brain
Monday 3rd of August 2020
Science blog article.
Media violence and criminal behaviour
Wednesday 19th of June 2013

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