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Cellular Biology

More commonly known as cell biology, cytology is the study of cells - the building blocks of life. Cells make up all living things, and it is only by understanding how they work that we can truly understand life processes. Cell biologists study the components that make up cells, as well as how cells grow, replicate, signal to each other, deal with invaders like viruses or other cellular organisms such as bacteria, and eventually die.

Articles about cytology

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For the moment at least, it seems that ageing is an inevitable part of life. And yet scientists don't really understand how, or why, we age.
Delve deeper into aging

Scientists are very interested in twins because it helps us identify the differences between genetic and environmental factors that influence health and behaviour.
Delve deeper into twins

Blog posts about cytology

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Science blog article.
Adipogenesis – the making of fat
Tuesday 21st of January 2020
Science blog article.
Do cheaters prosper?
Tuesday 8th of September 2015
Science blog article.
Can we regenerate our hearts?
Monday 27th of July 2015
Science blog article.
Autoimmune diseases - the friendly fire of our immune system
Saturday 9th of August 2014
Science blog article.
The Secrets of Ageing
Monday 24th of March 2014
Science blog article.
Nociception: Things We Don't Know about Pain
Tuesday 11th of March 2014
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