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Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry is the study of heteroatoms- that is to say, atoms which are not carbon or hydrogen- the molecules they form, the reactions they undergo and how this can be used in industry and in the lab. This field has received global attention in recent years with the success of transition metals as incredibly effective catalysts in organic synthesis, and the exciting possibilities inorganic compounds present in electronics and robotics.

Articles about inorganic chemistry

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The origins of life – where and how did life begin?
Delve deeper into origin of life

Green ammonia could reduce carbon emissions hugely by synthesising hydrogen via electrolysis or using biocatalysts or electrochemical alternative routes.
Delve deeper into green ammonia

Entropy or disorder, is a scientific measure of things spreading out, of uncertainty, or of the information required to describe something. Entropy always increases, so what impact does it have on our universe, our materials, and our concept of exist
Delve deeper into entropy

Chemists are exploring ways to mimic nature’s selective, low-temperature biochemical reactions that make delicate and reactive structures. Previously, chemists had copied high temperature geological reactions.
Delve deeper into ambient chemistry

Blog posts about inorganic chemistry

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Science blog article.
Mysterious Mo
Thursday 15th of November 2018
Science blog article.
100,000 Years Later
Saturday 6th of February 2016
Science blog article.
Location, Location, Location
Monday 21st of September 2015
Science blog article.
Are Nanomaterials Toxic?
Monday 23rd of February 2015
Science blog article.
How big are atoms?
Friday 6th of February 2015

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