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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychologists are interested in how internal mental processes work. They look at how people perceive and understand the world around them, how memory works, how people can think flexibly and solve problems, and how we are able to use language.

Articles about cognitive psychology

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Language is a vital part of being human, and some argue it is what sets us apart from other animals. But plenty of mysteries remain.
Delve deeper into language

Mental health problems have a huge impact on society, but are poorly understood.
Delve deeper into mental health

A field at the cusp of scientific and philosophical thinking, but have we fully understood the outcomes of such a progressive movement.
Delve deeper into artificial intelligence

Emotions are a vital part of society, but there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding them – from what they are for to whether it will be possible, or desirable, to create AI that experiences them.
Delve deeper into emotions

Our memories make us who we are, and yet we still don't understand how memories are stored in the brain, or what happens when problems develop.
Delve deeper into memory

Our senses allow us to explore and interact with the world around us. Even the simplest living organisms have some way to sense their environment - and some animals can sense in ways we can't even imagine!
Delve deeper into senses
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How does learning happen in the brain? And how does it change throughout our lives?
Delve deeper into learning

What is time? We can measure it in terms of regular events like the Earth moving round the sun, but it can change with perspective, known in relativity as time dilation, and depends upon our perspective.
Delve deeper into time

Scientists are very interested in twins because it helps us identify the differences between genetic and environmental factors that influence health and behaviour.
Delve deeper into twins

Pregnancy is associated with more and poorer sleep and some women have bizarre and vivid dreams.
Delve deeper into foetal and maternal sleep

Blog posts about cognitive psychology

Our blog posts are often written by scientists about their ongoing research

Science blog article.
Midlife Matters
Wednesday 15th of July 2015
Science blog article.
Male vs Female Brains
Wednesday 15th of April 2015
Science blog article.
What is consciousness?
Thursday 26th of September 2013
Science blog article.
Déjà vu
Wednesday 5th of June 2013
Science blog article.
Investigating Fragile X syndrome
Wednesday 10th of October 2012

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