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The Call of the Void
Do you ever stand on an edge and feel like you’re falling? Scientists are keen to understand l’appel du vide, or High Place Phenomenon, and think it may suggest good survival tactics, rather than suicidal feelings.
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Language of Smell
Smell is the most mysterious of our senses, and one we still don’t know much about. It affects our memory, our communication, our sex drive - and we still don’t have the words to describe it.
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Carbon-Based Hydrogen Bonding
There is already a lot of mystery about the nature of the hydrogen bond. Why is it so much stronger than other polar bonds? How do we identify it?
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Mysterious Mo
Metallurgists know to create alloys with certain properties, but do we understand the chemistry taking place? Why is stainless steel stainless?
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Chameleons hold a fascinating blend of traits that scientists have been studying for many years.
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