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There are many open questions surrounding vaccines – but perhaps not the first questions that come to mind. Vaccines do not cause autism, but there are many things we don’t know about them, such as why some wear off.
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The ecosystem in your gut - how the microbiome might affect what we eat, what illnesses we get and whether we gain weight easily. How to change your microbiome and why it's such a fuzzy business.
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Is there a ninth planet in our Solar System?
Discover why some scientists think there’s a new Ninth Planet in our Solar System - and how we could prove them right!
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The Search for the Graviton
Discover why the graviton is thought to exist, and learn what is being done to find it.
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How were Mars’ moons formed?
Learn why we don’t know how Mars’ moons were formed, and explore the two main theories trying to answer the question once and for all.
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