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Keystone species
Top predators maintain ecosystems, encouraging plant life, healthy hydrology and lower species. Climate affects top predators and they affect climate.
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Volcanic eruptions can be hugely devastating events, wiping out towns and villages in the wake of the magma flows or ash clouds.
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Bats and Ebola
Ebola is one of the most contagious and dangerous diseases, spreading rapidly and killing those it infects. There are long gaps between outbreaks though, so the disease must be "hiding" somewhere. Some suspect bats, but is this really true?
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Extraterrestrial life
The search for alien life catches many people's imagination and has always been a very public branch of science. So with all this investigation, why has our search revealed nothing? Are we truly alone in the Universe?
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Whales; the majestic, mysterious mammals of the ocean.
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