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What happens to plastic when it gets disposed of into the environment, and how might it affect us?
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Going without sleep will kill you faster than going without food. But why?
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When is a Strawberry No Longer a Strawberry?
Over 350 chemicals mixed together make up the aroma we recognise as strawberry flavour. But different breeds of strawberry can vary - so what makes the quintessential strawberry?
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Lifetime of a Plastic Bag
450 years is the agreed lifetime of a piece of plastic like a bag. But man-made plastics have only been around for about 50 years: we don’t know for sure how long it takes a plastic bag to decompose: so where does this number come from?
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Toxic Climate: how climate change changes pollution
There’s a forgotten danger of climate change - pollution. Extreme weather can mobilise contaminants and change the nature of the landscape - but how?
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